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My BA final collection 'GLITCH' embraces the Japanese Wabi-Sabi  philosophy, which encompasses the beauty of all things         imperfect and incomplete.              I explore this imperfection alongside my interest in motorsport racing, drawing references to the incongruous relationship between time, speed and sound on the racetrack. The misconception and illusion of our senses reveal beauty in the discrepancy between actual and perceived reality, which I translate through mismatch paneling techniques incorporating off-cut fabric waste and multi-wearable lycra knit pieces.          I work with tight silhouettes using the body as a 360 degree canvas of surface, designing alongside the figure’s natural volumes and cavities that can be used as tension points.          Many of the collection knit pieces have no determined front, back, top or bottom, to purposely provoke the wearer to question how many different ways there are to wear an article of clothing.              My vision is to encourage experimental attitudes through wearing my designs and thus embracing imperfection and individuality.       This initiates a more collaborative relationship between the wearer and the garment, whilst maintaining functionality, practicality and aesthetic.

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